Past Investigations

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We’ve been investigating as a Team for 8 Years.
We’ve investigated in 10 States.
Our Investigations

  1. Donner Pass, Truckee, CA 8/22/09
  2. Gold Field Hotel, Goldfield, NV 8/23/09
  3. Belmont Ghost Town,  Belmont, NV 8/24/09
  4. Old Washoe Club, Virginia City, NV 8/25/09
  5. Groveland Hotel, Groveland, CA 8/27/09
  6. Hotel Charlotte,  Groveland, CA 8/28/09
  7. Colby Cemetery, Port Orchard, WA 8/17/10
  8. Starvation Heights, Port Orchard, WA 7/16/11
  9. USS Turner Joy, Bremerton, WA 10/01/11
  10. Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane Valley, WA 9/12/13
  11. Hodgens-Ryan Mansion, Butte, MT 9/13/13
  12. Dumas Brothel, Butte, MT 9/13/13
  13. Old Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, MT 9/14/13
  14. Budget Inn, Deer Lodge, MT 9/14/13
  15. The Virginian Hotel – Medicine Bow, WY 9/16/13
  16. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Co 9/17/13
  17. Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel, Cripple Creek, Co 9/17/13 & 9/18/13
  18. Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall, Laughlin, NV 9/21/13
  19. Tombstone Bordello, Tombstone, AZ 9/20/13
  20. Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, AZ  9/20/13
  21. The Queen Mary,  Long Beach, CA 9/22/13
  22. Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA 9/23/13
  23. Hotel Leger, Mokulemne Hill, CA 9/26/13
  24. McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR 9/19/14
  25. Old Wheeler Hotel, Wheeler, OR 9/20/14
  26. Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR 9/21/14
  27. McMenamins Edgefield Hotel, Troutdale, OR 9/22/14
  28. Thronewood Castle, Lakewood, WA 4/20/15
  29. Walker-Aime House, Port Gamble, Wa 9/26/15
  30. Olde Harbour Inn (rm 406) Savannah, GA 4/28/16
  31. Sorrel Weed House, Savannah, GA 4/29/16
  32. 17Hundred90 Inn (rm 204), Savannah, GA 4/30/16
  33. Eliza Thompson House (rm 112), Savannah, GA 5/01/16
  34. The Marshall House, Savannah, GA 5/02/16

The Marshall House, Savannah, GA

05/02/2016 – 05/03/2016

History: The Marshall House was constructed in 1851 and it was named after Mary Marshall, who thought that the city was badly in need of accommodations for visitors. It is Savannah’s oldest hotel. During the past, it has served as a hospital and boarding house. Although the hotel has been through extensive renovations and expansions, […]

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Eliza Thompson House, Savannah GA

05/01/2016 – 05/02/2016

History: Built in 1847 by Joseph Thompson for his wife Elizabeth and their seven children, the Elizabeth Thompson House was originally a private residence. The bed and breakfast has 25 rooms- 13 in the main house and 12 in the carriage house. The Eliza Thompson house is considered by many to be the most haunted […]

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17Hundred90 Inn, Savannah GA

04/29/2016 – 05/01/2016

History: Located in the historic district, the 17hundred90 Inn is Savannah’s oldest haunted hotel. Despite actually being built in 1820 it still unclear why the hotel was ultimately named the 17hundred90 Inn. The hotel is 3 stories tall with a restaurant and tavern located on the ground floor and 14 suites located on the second […]

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Factors Walk – Savannah, GA


History: Today, Factors’ Walk is lined with art shoppes, restaurants and more dumpster than we wish….But picture this area back in the mid-1800’s. Savannah was the leading exporter of Savannah in the entire world. That is how Factors’ Walk got its name after all. The people who set the prices for cotton and many other […]

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Sorrel Weed House, Savannah GA

04/29/2016 – 04/30/2016

History: On one edge of Madison Square sits one of the finest architectural efforts in Savannah, an amber-colored Greek Revival jewel tucked into a leafy green setting called the Sorrel-Weed House. This home has sparked strong feelings in many people all throughout its lifetime here in the Historic District. There is a rift within the paranormal […]

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Colonial Park Cemetery – Savannah, GA


If you’ve had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, Please email us or leave a comment. History: Colonial Park Cemetery opened in 1750. It is the oldest burial ground in Savannah which can still be identified by your average tourist. There are a few burial grounds which were used […]

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Old Harbour Inn, Savannah, GA

04/28/2016 – 04/29/2016

History: Olde Harbour Inn is located on the Savannah River between River Street and Factors Walk. The original building that sat on the property was built in 1812, according to the inn’s Web site. The structure burned several times, and in 1892, a “swift and severely damaging blaze caused nearly complete destruction”. The building, which […]

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Walker-Ames House – Port Gamble, WA

09/15/2015 – 10/15/2015

History: Founded in 1851, the town of Port Gamble, Washington was established to house the employees of the Puget Sound Mill Company. The mill and the town continued to grow and by the 1870’s it was a well established community with a general store, community center, post office and fire station. In November 1995 the […]

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Thornewood Castle, Lakewood, WA

04/20/2015 – 04/21/2015

History: Thornewood Castle is located in Lakewood, Washington, and was actually the site used in Stephen King’s Rose Red movie. While Rose Red is a work of fiction based very loosely on the Winchester Mansion, the real Thornewood Castle is still considered to be haunted. The house itself is largely a private residence, but part […]

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McMenamins Edgefield Hotel – Troutdale, Oregon

09/22/2014 – 09/23/2014

History: The Multnomah County Poor Farm in Troutdale was built in 1911 to replace Multnomah County’s first home for the destitute, the Hillside Farm in Portland’s West Hills. The latter institution, which housed the poor, ill, and disabled, was inspected in the fall of 1910 by a coalition of members from Portland charitable organizations who […]

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