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We’ve been investigating as a Team for 8 Years.
We’ve investigated in 10 States.
Our Investigations

  1. Donner Pass, Truckee, CA 8/22/09
  2. Gold Field Hotel, Goldfield, NV 8/23/09
  3. Belmont Ghost Town,  Belmont, NV 8/24/09
  4. Old Washoe Club, Virginia City, NV 8/25/09
  5. Groveland Hotel, Groveland, CA 8/27/09
  6. Hotel Charlotte,  Groveland, CA 8/28/09
  7. Colby Cemetery, Port Orchard, WA 8/17/10
  8. Starvation Heights, Port Orchard, WA 7/16/11
  9. USS Turner Joy, Bremerton, WA 10/01/11
  10. Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane Valley, WA 9/12/13
  11. Hodgens-Ryan Mansion, Butte, MT 9/13/13
  12. Dumas Brothel, Butte, MT 9/13/13
  13. Old Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, MT 9/14/13
  14. Budget Inn, Deer Lodge, MT 9/14/13
  15. The Virginian Hotel – Medicine Bow, WY 9/16/13
  16. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Co 9/17/13
  17. Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel, Cripple Creek, Co 9/17/13 & 9/18/13
  18. Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall, Laughlin, NV 9/21/13
  19. Tombstone Bordello, Tombstone, AZ 9/20/13
  20. Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, AZ  9/20/13
  21. The Queen Mary,  Long Beach, CA 9/22/13
  22. Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA 9/23/13
  23. Hotel Leger, Mokulemne Hill, CA 9/26/13
  24. McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove, OR 9/19/14
  25. Old Wheeler Hotel, Wheeler, OR 9/20/14
  26. Heathman Hotel, Portland, OR 9/21/14
  27. McMenamins Edgefield Hotel, Troutdale, OR 9/22/14
  28. Thronewood Castle, Lakewood, WA 4/20/15
  29. Walker-Aime House, Port Gamble, Wa 9/26/15
  30. Olde Harbour Inn (rm 406) Savannah, GA 4/28/16
  31. Sorrel Weed House, Savannah, GA 4/29/16
  32. 17Hundred90 Inn (rm 204), Savannah, GA 4/30/16
  33. Eliza Thompson House (rm 112), Savannah, GA 5/01/16
  34. The Marshall House, Savannah, GA 5/02/16

The Heathman Hotel – Portland, Oregon

09/21/2014 – 09/22/2014

  History: The original Heathman Hotel was built in 1926. It was an 11-story fireproof building with more than 300 rooms. The building was part of George Heathman Jr. trio of hotels. He also owned the Roosevelt Hotel just west of the park Block near Salmon Street and a year later in 1927 sold the […]

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Old Wheeler Hotel – Wheeler, Oregon

09/20/2014 – 09/21/2014

History: The Old Wheeler Hotel was built in 1920 to replace two wooden buildings that had occupied the same location. The original, The Rector Hotel and the Hotel Annex, flourished along with the rest of Wheeler during an economic boom. The Pacific Railway & Navigation Company had completed a rail link between Portland and Wheeler in 1911. The […]

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McMenamins Grand Lodge – Forest Grove, Oregon

09/19/2014 – 09/20/2014

History: In 1920, plans and construction commenced to build a series of grand complexes called the Masonic Home and Children’s Cottage. Throughout the years, these buildings were a combination poor-house, elder care, and orphanage for Master Masons and their families, before being bought and renovated by the McMenamins in the fall of 1999. McMenamins Grand […]

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Hotel Leger – Mokulemne Hill, CA

09/26/2013 – 09/27/2013

History: The Hotel de France was purchased by George Leger in 1853, and was reconstructed as a one-story stone structure after the 1854 fire. Twenty years later in 1874, the current two-story building was built and incorporated the former Courthouse on the north side. It has served as the social center of town for over […]

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Alcatraz – San Francisco, CA


History: Once considered the prison of American prisons, the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay has been an asset to the U.S. Army, the federal prison system, jailhouse folklore, and the historic evolution of the West Coast. Despite its reputation as a cold and unforgiving penitentiary, Alcatraz is now one of the most prominent […]

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The Queen Mary – Long Beach, CA

09/22/2013 – 09/23/2013

History: Since making her maiden voyage in 1936, this historic steamship has served as a luxury ocean liner, troopship and in more recent years, a stationary hotel. Some 55 ghosts are rumored to linger on-board, including Jackie, a young girl who can be found taking a dip in the swimming pool. One TripAdvisor traveler noted, […]

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Bird Cage Theatre – Tombstone, AZ

09/20/2013 – 09/21/2013

History: The Bird Cage Theatre was opened on December 26, 1881, by William “Billy” Hutchinson and his wife Lottie. Its name apparently referred to the fourteen “cages” or boxes that were situated on two balconies on either side of the main central hall. These boxes, also referred to as “cribs”, had drapes that could be […]

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Tombstone Bordello – Tombstone, AZ

09/20/2013 – 09/21/2013
Tombstone Bordello

History: A Victorian picture set in “The Town Too Tough to Die”, Tombston, Arizona. Built in 1881, it was once a house of ill-fame owned by Big Nose Kate. The Bordello was originally located on a site at the east end of Allen Street but was moved in 1923 to make way for the Tombstone […]

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Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall – Laughlin, NV


History: The Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall is a hotel and casino in Laughlin, Nevada, United States known for its neon cigarette-puffing River Rick marque. It used to be a sister property of Pioneer Club in Las Vegas until both properties sold to separate parties. What would become the Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall initially […]

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Colorado Grande Casino & Hotel, Cripple Creek, CO

09/17/2013 – 09/19/2013

History: The Fairley Brothers and Lampman Building at 300 East Bennett Avenue now houses the Colorado Grande Casino and Maggie’s Restaurant. Here, you may not only enjoy a little gaming and some great food, but you might just get a glimpse of a ghost as well. At the turn of the century the three-story brick […]

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